About a 1000 days


Claire Dekens

I love shooting. And I love making portraits. Portraits in a broad sense. I also like to experiment with new techniques. One of the biggest obstacles that a photographer faces when trying to make a lot of portraits , is that there is not always a model available. And along came the most serious of challenges, a self-portrait every day. For a thousand days long. Of course not every picture will be a masterpiece. But it ‘s not just the result that’s important, it ‘s the experience.

A self-portrait project has one major advantage : your model is always present. He / she will not be impatient when a picture does not work right away. Furthermore all  the poses  you think of, will be performed with great enthusiasm.
You will  become more familiar with your attitude in front of the camera and will eventually get a better understanding of instructing a model.

Finally, I am  curious about the impact of this project on myself  as a person. Will I look in a different way at myself? Am I going to get more confidence in front of the camera with other photographers? Shall I approach models in a different way in the future? Answers to all these questions will be found on my blog .